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About Quick Release Oil

Performance testing has proven that QUICK RELEASE OIL has the exceptional ability to liquefy rust, reduce friction between blade, metal liner and pivot points while reducing the buildup of grime and mineral deposits.

Designed to drive out dirt and moisture replacing them with a slick protective film to prevent their return. Properly applied, Quick Release Oil provides a nearly friction free surface for parts to run upon. It virtually eliminates wear and corrosion on metal parts.

  • Use Quick Release Oil where it is needed to extend the life of tools that you depend upon.
  • Anything with moving metal parts will last longer and work better when you Quick Release it”.
  • Save on superior, long lasting Quick Release Oil

Our Quick Release formula is a blend of synthetic and natural petroleum products, as well as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Molybdenum, and forms of bio based lube thoroughly mixed to formulate superior, long lasting anti-wear and corrosion protection designed to stand up to extreme use.

Improves and maintains performance of automatic and folding knifes, firearms, bicycle gears, locks, fishing reels, and tools when youQuick Release it!